How to Run Long Distance

If one is training to run long distances more rapidly, it can turn into a complicated and exertive process. The long run is the ultimate test of durability running program. It motivates one’s body and trains it by utilizing fat as the main fuel. The secret to become a consistent long runner has been shared as following suggestions.

How to Run Long Distance

1. Do Warm Up

A good warm-up is necessary before running because they avert troubles such as side stitches and tightening of the muscles which could potentially disrupt your run routine. All along cooling down for a 5 minute break is important as well at the end of a run.

2. Keep Up With Fluids

One should be completely hydrated before running. Roughly take about four ounces of liquid every 15 minutes as you run. In a humid and hot weather, double the quantity of fluid intake. You can drink whatever type of liquid drink you like. And there is a range of vitamin water and other juices available in the market nowadays.

3. Carbohydrate Diet

How to run long distance? You need enough fuel. Human body can work well without fuel for a few hours but after that he needs to refuel the depleted supply by taking in carbs. It takes time for your body to process carbs, plan to munch about 15 grams of carbs every other half hour throughout long runs.

4. Design Your Course

Choose how much distance you want to cover and where you want to stop at the end of the run by considering factors like hills and running surface when designing your route. Hills are usually harder to run, so they are a better option when you have built up some stamina.

5. Get Comfortable

Spend a little time over how to dress according to the weather situation and your body specification. Wear what suits you and what will be comfortable on a long run. Don’t wear tight or heavy clothes. If it’s cold outdoor, wear a coat and plan a course that allows you to go by your house and drop your jacket off after you have warmed up. Wear light weight joggers that are in good state and fit your feet well. Wear casual, comfortable clothes that will not sweat while you run.

6. Make Your Run Fun

How to run long distance and have fun? Here comes the solution. Download some new songs, buy a new outfit or run on a new route. These are important things as they create the right mindset and help one keep focused. Moreover, Running on the treadmill can sometimes be boring. So, if weather and safety permits, run outside. The fresh air, scenery, and new routes may distract you so much that you'll run longer than you normally would on that old treadmill.

7. Run with Proper Pace

Long runs are more about time and distance rather than speed. One can run slow enough so that he can keep up the pace throughout the rest of the route with a steady speed. If one run out of fuel, even then it is better to walk to the finish line rather than quitting in between.

8. Stop and Stretch

Tension in numerous muscles is a common reason in novice runners because of which their runs end early. Whenever you are feeling tightening of a muscle in your body, stop and start stretching. This will help you go a long way. Massage and stretch the tightened muscle for about 30 seconds and then continue your run.

9. Combine Run with Walk

If you try to run the whole distance of the route, then you will ultimately end up too exhausted and energy depleted. The best thing to do is adopting a run/walk combination. This way you will be able to cover more distance and all the while get a good workout. And with time as you build your stamina you will be able to run longer without walking.

10. Run with Other People

How to run long distance and keep up with the exercise? Choose a running partner so that you motivate each other and this way it helps to set goals and routine on a daily basis. Whether it's because of peer pressure, the interruption of conversation, the motivational care, or a combination of all three, people who run with others usually are the ones who end up running long distances.

11. Set Small Goals for Yourself

Short-term goals for running longer help in stimulating the mind by providing a mental challenge or goal. It can be very simple such as "run until the end of the count of 500 and then take a break". As long as it keeps you on the run, it doesn't matter how foolish or bland your idea might be.

12. Reward Yourself

Once you achieve your goal, reward your efforts with a pedicure, massage, haircut, new running shorts or something you love to eat. It may benefit you at the back of your mind before commencement of another long run, so it can encourage you to keep on going.

13. Stick to Your Running Schedule

How to run long distance? Just run every day consistently! This will help improve your body and get your body physically used to running. This will be difficult at first, but you will get sturdier with time and start to feel at ease sooner than you think.

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