What Will You Get from Strength Training?

Are you trying to stay healthy through active lifestyle? Several types of exercises, both simple and complex, are available to try on. It is important to choose the one that will best fit you and your needs. Strength training is an exercise routine commonly practiced by bodybuilders. But this not only applies to those muscular people who lift weights in the gym.

Studies show that strength training exercises offer a lot of health benefits to people of all ages. Some of the benefits include proper functioning of the heart, improvement of balance, and strengthening of the bones. It is even linked to helping people in losing weight. Strength training exercises are for everyone! So, what are you waiting for? Get started for you to feel healthier and become a better you.

What Are the Benefits of Strength Training?

1. Helps in losing weight

Strength training exercises help in shedding pounds and maintaining weight loss. A study showed that those who followed weight training routine tends to burn more amount of calories, which allows them to either lose weight or maintain their current weight.

2. Protects bone health and muscle mass

People tend to lose about one percent of bone and muscle strength as they grow older. According to an exercise physiologist, this scenario can be prevented or even reversed by adding strength training to workout routines.

3. Makes the body stronger and fitter

Strength exercises or resistance training give more strength and tone to the muscles. This is due to the contraction that occurs against a resisting force. Both isometric and isotonic resistance exercises can make the body stronger and in better shape.

4. Develops body mechanics

The balance and coordination of the body are improved through strength training exercises. It helps reduce several risk factors including falling to as much as 40 percent, giving better flexibility and posture even at old age.

5. Prevents diseases

One of the benefits of strength training exercises is related with improving wellness. It helps prevent certain diseases including arthritis and diabetes, as well as post-menopausal problems. This type of exercise can effectively decrease arthritis pain. The glucose control is also improved alongside with other healthy lifestyle changes. Moreover, strength training helps post-menopausal women reduce the risk of bone fractures by increasing their bone density.  

6. Boosts energy level and moods

This training exercise will increase the level of endorphins in the brain, leading to more energy and better mood. Studies also showed that strength training is a great antidepressant that encourages better sleep and improves the overall quality of life.

7. Translates and burns more calories

Physiologic homework is attained through strength training. This process involves burning of calories during and after the training is being done. More calories, rather than fats, are being used to make and maintain muscles. It can also boost metabolism to about 15 percent which is totally a good jumpstart for weight loss.

8. Gives more confidence

Strength training boosts self-esteem and confidence. This also encourages one to feel better and stronger, making them more competent in everything they do. The confidence and competency obtained from these training exercises is a perfect key towards better personality and well-being.

9. Improves cognitive thinking

The brain power is enhanced with strength training exercises. Studies show that it greatly affects cognitive thinking, allowing better performance, especially with practical skills.   

10. Allows better outlook in life

The training routine gives more focus, leading to better and creative thinking. It allows the release of stress and worries, allowing one to forget about problems and distractions of the daily life.

11. Strengthens sleep

When talking about the benefits of strength training, it allows one to develop better sleep pattern. Studies revealed that it can lead to deeper and good quality of sleep which tends to repair the damages and recover the body’s functions.

12. Sees and feels immediate results

Strength training is a good motivator. This allows you to quickly see the progress or the results of the hard work done. The difference and the changes in the body can be felt even after a few sessions. This quick result for those craving for instant gratification will help them happy and confident.

13. Increases dedication and “me” time

Strength training exercises encourage dedication in the many aspects of life, including time management and nutrition. This allows better focus on things, which leads to improvement of the body, the mind, and even personal relationships. It even allows you to have more and better quality “me” time.

Tips for Strength Training Beginners

  • Use your body weight to begin with the exercise. This training uses resistance to improve and take effect with the muscles.
  • Start training two days per week for 20 minutes. Gradually increase frequency and time of session depending on the desired pacing.
  • Always prep the muscles before starting. This can be done through proper warm-up exercises.
  • Remember to pair an upper body move with a lower body move. This will maximize the muscles and the calories burned in the body.
  • Aim to perform 15 repetitions and 3 sets per exercise.
  • Know the limits of the weights you are using for every exercise. Never go beyond these limits.
  • Stick to the same moves and routines especially when you are starting out. This will build a better level of fitness and strength.
  • As much as possible, fit out a post workout stretch to improve the flexibility of the body.
  • Keep in mind to refuel with water, carbs, and protein by drinking lots of water and eating a well-balanced snack.
  • Take a rest when your body tells you to do so. This will repair damage tissues and regain energy.

With so many benefits of strength training, this kind of exercises is suited for everyone who wants to practice a healthier lifestyle. These routines offer a lot of benefits, both physical and mental, that definitely leads to better well-being. Be guided by the proper tips and guidelines in order to achieve the best results. Try on these strength training exercises and be strong and healthy. Keep in mind that being healthy is the new sexy. 

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