Exercises That Age You

Keeping the blood flowing in the body is important for your health, and exercising is a great way to maintain healthy blood circulation. What many people do not know is that exercising too hard can actually age you faster and even make it difficult for you to burn fat.

Exercises That Age You

Overall, staying active and engaging in physical activities will help you stay healthy, but certain exercises put unnecessary stress on your bones, muscle, and even cardiovascular system. This stress can lead to injuries and other complications. Here are some possible exercises that age you quickly.

1. Cardio Exercises

Doing cardio exercises will lead to an increase in the number of free radicals in your body that break down cells and even cause damage to the DNA of cells. The damage is usually irreversible. This usually happens when you continue with moderate intensity workouts on the treadmill for an hour or longer. You will be better off doing higher intensity exercises for 25 minutes or less a day to stay in shape and prevent serious free radical damage.

2. Slow Weight Lifting

Weightlifting is good for many things, but it may not be the best way to keep yourself fit and young. You will be putting your muscles and tendons under serious stress and this may lead to injuries, which can age you quickly. If you really want to pump iron in the gym, be sure to include lunges and squats in your routine. Similarly, an intense weightlifting workout for a shorter span is more effective than slow weight lifting exercises for an hour or so.

3. Crunches

Crunches are one of the exercises that age you. Do not rely too much on crunches to get rid of belly fat and get washboard abs. Instead of spending too much time on doing all sorts of crunches, you need to pay more attention to your diet. What you eat will help you burn fat, not crunches. In fact, you may even hurt your back in the process of doing crunches.

4. Abdominal Exercises

Just like crunches, most abdominal exercises like twists and sit-ups are going to do nothing other than placing undue stress on your neck and spine. They may also increase your risk of muscle inflammation, spinal injuries, and poor posture.

5. Excessive Running

Running is a great exercise but too much of it can cause serious harm. Proponents of running think that it is a great way of maintaining cardio-respiratory fitness, endorphin release, and fat los. Those who are against of running believe it may cause damage to joints and lead to imbalances throughout the body. It also promotes poor posture and does not help much with the metabolism. The truth is that running will offer benefits when you know you are not going the extreme.

Exercise Habits That Age You Faster

Just like certain exercises that age you, certain exercise habits will also lead to complications and cause more harm than good.

1. Poor Technique

Moderate running is good but even that can cause problems when you are not sure about your form. Poor running technique can lead to injuries. The same is true with weightlifting, as poor lifting techniques can create undue stress on joints and cause injuries. Maintaining a proper form and working with a spotter will help minimize the risk.

2. Overtraining

For an everyday individual with lots of other things to take care of, overtraining can cause serious complications. There is a limit to what your nervous system and neurotransmitters can handle. The toll will be larger when you have other responsibilities, unlike professional athletes. Overtraining usually leads to decreased energy levels, decreased performance during workouts, lingering body soreness, lowered body temperature, lowered libido, and a plateau in results. Be sure to take a couple of days off with no training each week.

3. Bad Sleep Habits

Overtraining and then not getting enough sleep can complicate the whole situation. It means doing exercises that age you will lead to trouble but the bad effects will get a boost when you do not give your body enough time to recover. Without getting enough sleep, you just cannot have a sound, proper recovery.

The best thing is to go to bed at the same time every night and get at least seven hours of sleep per night. Your body recovers during deep REM sleep. You may start to experience the effects of overtraining after three workouts a week if you have a stressful job and do not get enough sleep every night.

4. Nutritional Needs

Along with paying attention to how active you are and what exercises you choose to stay active, you also need to pay attention to what you eat. Without providing your body with important nutrients, you just cannot expect positive results. Your body will require a serious amount of protein for recovery once you put your body under stress through exercise.

Similarly, good fat and carbs are equally important. Including processed food in your diet and not drinking enough water every day will leave your muscles in poor condition and even increase your cholesterol and fat levels. This makes you more susceptible to injuries and makes it difficult to maintain a healthy body weight. 

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