Top 10 Best Exercises to Lose Your Belly Fat

Belly fat is always the most stubborn fat to get rid of, but that does not mean you cannot try ways to lose it effectively. However, you need to understand that while it is possible to find the best exercise for belly fat, you cannot get good results from exercise alone. You need to make some lifestyle changes to reduce your overall body fat percentage. Similarly, dieting alone will not prove effective because exercise helps strengthen your abdominal muscles and make them look more prominent. Let's find out more about it.

Best Exercise to Lose Belly Fat

When you are trying to lose belly fat, know that exercise and dieting go hand in hand. You cannot just put all your emphasis on eating clean and hope to burn belly fat. Here are some exercises you can try to get better results.

1. Reverse Crunches

You can try different types of crunches to help strengthen your abdominal muscles. However, reverse crunches are probably the best because they are more difficult to perform and put all their emphasis on your abs.

  • Start by getting in a traditional crunch position.
  • Keep your feet flat with hands underneath your head.
  • Now, pull in your belly button and use your abs to lift your feet up.
  • Keep your lower back pressed into the floor and your knees together all the time.

2. Vertical Leg Crunches

Looking for best exercise to lose belly fat? Try this one!

  • Lie flat on the mat with your feet extended towards the ceiling. Cross your knee over the other.
  • Now, move your body as if you are performing a traditional crunch. Take a deep breath and lift your upper body up towards your pelvis.
  • Breathe out while you move up. Breathe in again while lowering your upper body again.
  • Perform 3 sets with 12 reps per set.

3. Bicycle Exercise

  • Lie on the floor with your hands behind your head.
  • Lift your legs up towards the ceiling and bend your knees a little.
  • Slowly bring your left knee close to your chest without moving your right leg. Then, bring your left leg close to your chest while moving your right knee away from the chest at the same time.
  • Keep repeating and work as if you are paddling a bicycle.

4. Low-Belly Leg Reach

It is the best exercise to lose belly fat and get six-pack abs because it is very intense.

  • Start by lying on the ground with hands behind your head and knees bent to a 90-degree angle.
  • Contract your abs and bring knees over your hips. Now, do a crunch and hold the position for a couple of seconds.
  • Slowly exhale and extend your legs to 45 degrees now. Again, hold the position while squeezing your abs.
  • Perform 2 sets with 10 reps per set.

5. Lunge Twist

  • Stand in a comfortable position with your legs hip-width apart. Bend your knees a little.
  • Slowly lift your hands in front of you until they are parallel to the floor.
  • Take a big step ahead with your left leg first and lower your body as if you are sitting on a chair. Stop when your knees are at a 90-degree angle to the floor.
  • Keep your spine straight and twist your upper body to the left and then to the right.
  • Do 15 reps and then switch legs.

6. Kickbacks

This is also the best exercise to lose belly fat because it burns a lot of calories.

  • Start by getting on all fours. Keep your back straight with toes tucked under.
  • Contract your abs and bring your left knee to your nose. From this position, kick the same leg right behind you while squeezing your buttocks.
  • Ensure that your hips face the ground all the time to protect your lower back.
  • Repeat the same with your other leg and perform 8 reps on each side.

7. Bodyweight Squat

  • Stand in a comfortable position with your feet hip-width apart. Bend your knees slightly and cross your hands over your chest.
  • Slowly bend your knees as if you are going to sit on a chair.
  • Press weight into your feet while making sure they point straight ahead all the time. Keep your butt tucked while squatting down.
  • Return to the starting position and do 5 sets with 5 reps per set.

8. Rolling Plank

  • Lie on the floor and then position yourself in a way that your elbows and knees are resting on the ground.
  • Look forward while making sure that your neck is in alignment with your spine.
  • Lift your knees up from the floor while putting all your weight on your toes.
  • Maintain this position while keeping your abs contracted all the time.
  • Relax your body once again after 30 seconds. Repeat.

9. Plank on the Ball

  • Use a stability ball to add some intensity to your traditional plank exercise. Get a stability ball and kneel in front of it. Drape your hips and abs over the ball.
  • Place your hands on the floor and walk them out slowly. Stop when the ball is beneath your thighs.
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds. Ensure that your body stays straight with a slight bend in your back. Contract your abs hard while holding the pose.

10. Bending Side to Side

  • Stand with your feet together and hands to your sides.
  • Bend your body to the left first. Ensure that your legs are ground perfectly. Stop when you feel a stretch on your right waist.
  • Be sure to keep your left hand on your left waist while bending to the right. Hold the stretched position for a few seconds and then return to the starting position.
  • Repeat the same on the other side as well.