Does Red Wine Make You Fat?

Red wine is indeed an alcoholic beverage but does not have a seriously bad reputation. In fact, many studies have identified many cardiovascular benefits associated with red wine. It actually happens because red wine contains a low concentration of alcohol but is rich in flavonoids. Those flavonoids help prevent blood clots and protect you from certain issues, such as hardening of the arteries. Still, there are questions associated with its use, like whether drinking wine would cause weight gain. Should you include it in your diet or stay away from it? Let's find out now!

 Does Red Wine Make You Fat?

No, you do not have to worry about belly fat, so long as you consume red wine in moderation. In fact, you may actually be able to lose weight by including a small quantity of red wine in your diet. Drinking too much of it can cause complications though.

Moderate Drinking

When you drink red wine in moderation, it promotes insulin sensitivity without changing your body fat levels. With improved insulin sensitivity, you do not have to worry about any spike in blood glucose levels. Stable blood glucose levels keep hunger pangs at bay and help you stay leaner by preventing overeating.

 Excessive Drinking

Does red wine make you fat? Yes, it can, especially when you drink too much of it. Excessive consumption adds to overall calories you consume and this can result in weight gain. You gain weight when you get more calories than you can burn, and it does not matter if these calories come from wine or from another food or beverage. A gram of alcohol has 7 calories – it may be less than fat but is more than protein and carbs, both of which only have 4 calories per gram. A 5oz serving of your average red table wine has about 125 calories, which means that drinking only two glasses would transfer 250 calories in your system. Your body will store those additional calories as fat and you will gain weight.

How Much to Drink

It is better to avoid including it in your diet if you do not already drink alcohol. If you already do, be sure to drink in moderation, which means men can have two drinks per day and women can have one drink per day. One drink is 5oz of wine. You may lower your risk for prostate cancer by having 4-7 glasses of wine per week, but do not go overboard with the idea of including wine in your diet.

How to Drink Red Wine Without Gaining Weight

It is clear that red wine has its benefits. Does red wine make you fat? No, it won't if you drink in moderation. Here are a few suggestions to help you include red wine in your diet without gaining weight.

  • Have an active lifestyle before including wine in your diet. It means you can enjoy wine if you are a physically active person. Some exercise is always good, even if it is nothing more than a short walk daily. It improves your metabolism and keeps you from overdrinking.
  • Be sure to drink water when drinking wine. Doing this would help prevent dehydration – alcohol is a diuretic and can disrupt the balance of water in your cells.
  • Avoid drinking before your meals. Some studies have found that drinking wine before you eat may increase your appetite and result in overeating.
  • Avoid drinking late at night. Since alcohol acts quite like carbs, it is better to avoid drinking too late. Ideally, you should stop all drinking as well as eating around 8pm and go to sleep by 12am. This enables you to have higher quality rest at night.
  • Enjoy dry red wine than other wines. It is a better idea since dry red wine has a higher concentration of antioxidants as compared to other options. You should also check the alcohol level before buying a bottle. Keeping it below 13.5% ABV is always a good idea.
  • Spend more on your wine and enjoy it for several days. You can also preserve your wine, both red and white, in the fridge using a vacuum pump wine sealer. If you use a champagne stopper, your sparkling wines may last up to 4 days.
  • Do not keep wine at home. By taking this step, you can keep yourself from overdrinking. If you want to enjoy some wine, walk to a neighborhood wine bar and have it. That little walk is good for your health and allows you to earn a glass. 
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