10 Ways to Treat People with Respect

In today’s fast paced world where we’re ruled by money, respect often takes a backseat.

This is sad, because apart from being part of every decent human being’s behavior, respect is one aspect of our nature which helps foster deeper and more meaningful relationships with people in our lives.

10 Ways to Respect People

1. Appreciate Their Efforts

Nothing quite shows how to respect people than a simple “Thank you” every now and then. Here’s the thing – we often take so many people and their work for granted that we seldom realize that they are putting effort into doing stuff they aren’t obliged to do. And the moment you realize this is the moment you understand that showing your respect for their help via appreciation is the most appropriate course of action. Not only does a simple “Thank you” show your sincerity, but it also paves way for mutual respect and gratitude. The same goes for any accomplishment in their lives – smile, say “Congratulations!” and watch their faces light up with beautiful smiles.

2. Be Vocal About Your Appreciation

I mean, it’s great to appreciate people’s effort by thanking or congratulating them in person. But you know what’s even better? Doing so in public. By doing so, not only do you earn their goodwill, but by declaring to others about their sincerity/job well done, you make said people work even harder for you in the future. This is an especially useful tip for those working in an office environment, or at a place that has a lot of volunteers in it.

3. Never Hesitate to Help Others

Especially if these people have helped you out in the past. Sometimes, the best way to show your appreciation is to return the favor. Remember: it’s not always helping someone out physically. You can help someone out emotionally/mentally as well.

4. Mean What You Say

How to respect people? Simple.

If you’re committing to something, then make sure you come through. If you aren’t 100% sure, then either don’t commit, or make your intentions clear from the get go. You have to understand that your participation is important for such projects, and without it the job won’t be completed properly (or on time). Accepting a project and then bailing out at the last moment because of BS reasons is disrespectful as fuck. Don’t be that gal.

5. Respect Other People’s Time

This is an extension of the first point, but I’m writing it separately because a lot of people don’t take punctuality seriously. Well, guess what? Just because your time and your schedule don’t mean much to you, doesn’t mean that other people have unnecessary time to waste on waiting for you to show up. If you absolutely cannot make it on time then the least you can do is make a call or send a text informing the person you’re meeting that you’ll be late by X minutes.

6. Be a Good Listener

Another underutilized aspect of respecting others is listening to their problems. Could be a friend, a coworker or an employee – in either case, you have to make sure you’re available for them whenever they bring any problem to you. Or even walk up to you with no intention but to simply vent their frustrations. And listening isn’t as easy as it looks, because the moment you stop paying attention is the exact moment you end up insulting the one who has trusted you as a confidante.

7. Ask Questions

If someone’s venting to you or if someone’s explaining a task to you – in both situations you can easily work on how to respect people by simply asking them questions. Ask them in depth questions about the task that is to be performed, the deadline, the quality of work expected, the kind of people you are expected to work with, etc. Such questions show not only genuine enthusiasm on your part, but a willingness to learn, which most people often lack in displaying.

However, keep in mind that if someone is sharing a secret or venting about something personal, sometimes it’s wise to use your discretion and not question them about things, until and unless they open up about those topics first.

8. Encourage People

This one is especially important if you’re working among volunteers or in a professional environment. Appreciation is important, yes, but you can’t always thank or congratulate people, can you? Especially if favors or achievements are low. In such cases, a few but genuine words of encouragement from your end are all that are needed to make a person push through the hardships they may be facing. Here are some statements that can be said in almost all situations

“It’s okay. I’m here if you need anything.”

“I know you can do it!”

“Don’t worry. You’re always fantastic at making things work.”

Too shy to actually say something to someone you have only spoken a few sentences to before? No issues – simply give them a sympathetic smile. Believe it or not, it can instantly make them feel better and give them the encouragement they were looking for.

9. Be Inclusive

This one’s especially true when you’re in a position of power. Got something to explain? Involve everybody, right from your partner to your peons (until and unless it’s something related 100% to your business or clients). Be as inclusive as possible and don’t exclude people from meetings, projects or tasks simply because of their stature in your office.

10. Be Wise with Your Battles

Sometimes, the best route to how to respect people is simply choosing silence. It’s not always about who’s right or whose fault it is. Sometimes, you have to assess the situation and see whether voicing your opinion may actually end up hurting someone else, irrespective of how right you are. Avoiding unnecessary arguments is also a mature way of showing your respect to your loved ones, who will definitely appreciate such a mature approach of yours (when they are in a calmer mood, of course).

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