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Slouching over laptops and getting hooked to mobiles are causing an adverse effect on your body. To prevent yourself from this damage, add some movement to your muscles and lead a healthy life. Regular exercise helps in strengthening your bones and muscles by maintaining your bone density and muscle mass. Additionally, exercise improves your blood circulation and strengthens your cardiac muscles reducing the risk of heart-related diseases.

During exercise, your body releases hormones like adrenaline, dopamine, endorphins, etc. These hormones help in improving your mood and reduce stress. Also, regular workout helps in building proteins and other chemicals that are helpful in enhancing the functions of your brains. This helps in safeguarding your mental health against aging effects and allowing you to think, learn, and memorize details at an older age. Dedicate an hour of your day to work out to access all the benefits that come with it.

Exercising Tips for Beginner Lack of stamina, exhaustion, and cramps make it hard for beginners to start exercising. To get started, you can follow the following tips and exercises to build up your stamina:

1. Take your time to figure and then write down the goals that you need to work out for. Knowing your motives, you can work better and stay focused.

2. Do not start full-on heavy exercising as it may put a strain on your muscles, and you may get injuries. Rather, start with a 30-minute workout session three times a week to loosen up your muscles and then gradually pace yourself.

3. In the beginning, your muscles are rigid, and exercising puts strain on your bust due to bouncing. While starting out an exercising routine, wear a sports bra for your breast health. You can get a premium quality sports bra of lululemon for ample support for your breasts. It fits snugly around your breasts and allows you to exercise comfortably.

4. Sticking to the routine and staying consistent is a tough job for beginners. To overcome this, perform the exercises that you like so you will be driven towards it. To maintain consistency, surround yourself with people who share the same goal. They will motivate you to keep going on and making progress.

5. Exercising is not about putting extreme strain on your body. It is about maintaining your overall health. For that, you need to invest in good quality shoes and activewear. Worn out shoes can put a strain on your joints and ligaments. A breathable activewear will improve your sporting performance. So, select the right pair of shoes for the type of exercise you are doing.

6. Perform Full-Body High Intensity Interval Workout for 20 minutes from lululemon ambassador. It is twice more efficient than working out with moderate intensity. It is helpful in losing body fat and gaining muscles. It also helps with high blood pressure. If you want to get the same workout outfit, then check out lululemon!

7. Ensure that you are performing warm-up exercise before starting your workout to give your body a comfortable movement without putting any strain on your muscles. Also, Once you are done working out, allow your body to cool down by stretching your body.

8. You are just getting started and must not compare yourself with others. Feel free to make mistakes and keep learning. Soon you'll be at their level too. Do not feel demotivated because they too were once beginners.

9. You can take up yoga for stretching and building your muscle flexibility. Yoga is getting quite popular around the world because it can be performed anywhere and be mastered with ease. Yoga calms your senses and brings you peace of mind. Yoga must be performed with delicacy and care. If you need guidance in setting up a routine, follow up the 22-minute yoga video in lululemon and train yourself.

10. Performing yoga on a bare floor can be dangerous, and you should have a good quality yoga mat. It helps you to get a stronghold on the surface and thus reducing the risk of slipping. Some asanas in yoga, when performed on a hard surface, can hurt your joints, and therefore yoga mat is used to provide you cushioning.

11. If you are a beginner and are clueless about yoga poses, get instructions from Annie Clarke, the yoga brand ambassador of lululemon. Click on the video below to learn basic yoga poses and get started. The classic collection of yoga wear you can check on lululemon.

12. Do not get bothered by the fact that results are not as expected, or you are growing very slowly. Feel that you are growing, and with the time, you'll gain the results that you crave. Your body does not change overnight. It takes time, patience and sheer perseverance. Tune in to your favorite playlist and keep going.

13. If you are the type of person who likes to be pushed by numbers and motivated by visible growth, get yourself a heart rate monitor, calorimeter or a pedometer to monitor how much you have worked out. There is a wide range of different products available in the market for the said purpose.

14. Wear breathable leggings, shirts and tanks while performing the exercise to allow your skin to breathe and prevent your skin from getting damaged by excess sweat. Lululemon brings you the best quality activewear of every type so you can work out comfortably.

15. Do not overstress your body to achieve the goals. Accept the setback and move on. Be thankful for what you are able to do and keep focusing on your future goals.


The benefits of working out are extensive, and you need to add at least an hour to your daily schedule. However, working out does not mean just putting extreme strain on your muscles. You need to start slow and then build up gradually. Follow the tips mentioned above to avoid the mistakes that beginners often make. Use the right gear and equipment for exercising. Make sure you are wearing appropriate clothes and shoes for your physical training. Keep track of your growth but do not let the slow pace demotivate you.

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