Causes and Dealing Methods of Pimples on Your Lip

While having pimples is bad enough, how about having them on your lip? Lips are the entry point for your food and drink, and part of the tools of communication. Besides, they are among the most sensitive parts of your body. For these reasons, having pimples on your lips can cause unending anguish. In this discussion, we explore this kind of pimple and how to treat it.

Pimple on Lip vs. Cold Sore

The two conditions are often mixed together. But they are not the same and need different care. So you may first want to identify which condition you have.

A pimple can be defined as a tender inflammation or bump that has either a whitehead or a blackhead and sometimes no head at all. Pimples can appear anywhere on the skin and can be sensitive or painful to touch.

On the other hand, cold sores are fluid-filled blisters that appear in clusters and are usually caused by viral infections. Cold sores can be itchy and may cause a burning sensation in their initial stages. They usually occur on the lower lips or the edges of the lip. Other symptoms that accompany cold sores include:

  • A headache
  • Fever
  • Painful gums
  • Muscle aches and fatigue
  • Sore throat

Causes of Pimples on Lip

There are some reasons why you could get a pimple on lip. It could be a reaction to something you used, ate or a manifestation of something wrong with your body. Common reasons include:

  • An allergic reaction to an unfavorable ingredient in your makeup
  • Poor dieting. Eating lots of junk food and not drinking adequate amounts of water can cause pimples on your lips.
  • Using products that are past their expiry date can cause allergic reactions which at times can be severe. Always ensure that your makeup is not expired and throw away any expired facial products.
  • Hormonal changes in your body can also lead to pimples; for instance, it is common to have a pimple break out during menstruation. Pregnancy also causes hormonal changes and can cause a breakout of pimples.
  • Smoking
  • Fluoride. When brushing your teeth, the fluoride in your toothpaste can react badly on your lip and cause a pimple.
  • Poor lip care. If you fail to take care of your lips by gently exfoliating them, drinking enough water and applying moisturizer, you may develop pimples.
  • Oily skin. People with oily skin are more likely to develop lip pimples than those who do not have oily skin.

How to Get Rid of Pimples on lip

1. Carry Out a Skincare Routine

To get rid of pimple on lip and prevent future recurrence, the following skin care regimen will be useful:


Practice this every night before retiring. With clean hands, use warm water to clean your face and lips. If you are using a wet wipe, make sure that it does not contain any harsh chemicals. Baby wipes are probably the best since they contain hypoallergenic properties.

Makeup removal

It cannot be emphasized enough how important it is to remove makeup before going to bed. When you sleep with your makeup on, the skin becomes clogged, and you can get unsightly pimples as a result. Make sure that you wipe off any trace of makeup on your face using a cleanser or makeup remover.


Always apply moisturizer on your lips, especially after removing makeup. Use unscented moisturizer for this. This will go a long way in preventing pimple on lip.

2. Apply Compress

Using a warm or cold compress can help a great deal. Both warm and cold compress are effective at dealing with pimples on your lip, although a cold compress is preferable when a pimple is sore and painful. However, don’t use a cold compress on an open wound resulting from a popped pimple. 

3. Apply Lime Juice

Lime juice is a natural remedy that has antimicrobial properties. Since it is natural, it is less likely to cause any allergic reactions. Massage a slice of lime on your lip and leave it on for a while. Carrot juice and coconut oil are also great.

4. Eat a Healthy Diet

A healthy diet is essential for maintaining healthy and glowing skin as well as treating pimples on lip. Keep yourself adequately hydrated; eat a balanced diet containing natural organic foods such as green vegetables, nuts and seeds, white meat and plenty of fresh fruits.

5. Stop Touching and Licking Pimple on Lips

Fight the urge to touch, massage or lick the lip pimple. Although this may seem like a herculean task at some point, it will pay off in the end. When you touch or lick a pimple, you encourage the situation to get worse. Touching the pimple with unwashed hands may cause it to pop and become septic, thereby worsening the condition.

6. Lip Scrubbing and Exfoliation

Get into the habit of gently exfoliating your lips. There are many lip exfoliators to choose from, so do your research and take your pick. Your toothbrush can also do a great job of removing the dead skin cells, leaving your lip soft and supple. After brushing your teeth, you can scrub your lips gently in circular motion and wash with clean water. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer such as coconut oil.

7. Change Face Care Products

It is likely that a recent change in a face care product is causing your pimple on lip. Try to keep track of your face care products and eliminate the one you suspect.

Should You Pop Pimples on Lip?

It is not advisable to pop a pimple. A pimple is more likely to recur if it is popped. Besides, popping a pimple can make it leave a mark. But, if you feel that it bothers you too much and the pimple is already showing a head, then you can go ahead and pop it, but use the following procedure:

  • Start by applying a warm compress on the offending pimple. This will help make it ‘soft’ and ‘relaxed’ and will lessen the pain.
  • Clean your hands with a disinfectant hand wash and hold two cotton swabs on either side of a pimple. Start by pressing in gently to force the skin to break and the pus to ooze out.
  • Continue applying pressure until blood starts to come out, meaning that the pus has cleared.
  • Leave it that way for a few minutes to let the blood clot in that area.
  • Gently wash your face and lips, taking care of the area with the popped pimple.
  • Apply an antibiotic or aloe vera juice on the wound and let it start healing.
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