Top 12 Best Mind Blowing Movies

Some movies are quite simple with nothing left to your imagination, but there are some mind blowing movies that leave you with a range of unimaginable, mind-boggling questions. Not all movies fall into the category of "overwhelming movies", but it seems that filmmakers like to challenge their audience's thinking ability and psyche by creating special movies. If you think you are a genius, you should certainly go watch some of these movies and see how you feel.

Mind Blowing Movies

As mentioned already, you can certainly find quite a few movies that will challenge you on an intellectual level, but some movies are simply outstanding. Here are a few to help you explore this genre a bit more.

1.       Videodrome (1983)

It seems that Davidd Cronenberg has discovered the formula to make so many things happening in every corner of the screen, and this is exactly what makes Videodrome special. This movie is another example of creepy-crawly cinema Cronenberg loves. Those mindless torture sequences depicted in the movie are sure to give you goosebumps.

2.       Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Based on a Japanese novel, Tom Cruise as William Cage is simply superb in this movie. He plays a public affairs officer who has to be in the middle of a deadly war with an alien race, and every time he is killed, it starts all over again from where he was the previous day. It is a very special movie because you will love the way it makes a wildly complicated idea look quite understandable. Repeated time loops can easily blow your mind and that is exactly what Edge of Tomorrow does perfectly.

3.       Being John Malkovich (1999)

This is a satirical, smart, darkly funny, intriguing, and originally original movie that is sure to compel you to put your thinking cap on. It is about a greasy puppeteer named Craig who discovers a way to enter the head of the actor John Malkovich. This helps him forget about the discomfort of his own skin. Isn't it something every one of us wants to do? That is exactly the reason why you are going to love this imaginative spectacle.

4.       Timer (2009)

The main theme revolves around a timer that when implanted in a person's wrist counts down to the day until they find true love. But, the lead character is in a dilemma because her soul mate has no timer implanted yet. After waiting for a long time, she decides to bend the rules and that is what makes the whole situation a lot more interesting. It is certainly one of the best thought provoking and mind blowing movies that makes you think what you would do if you were in the same situation.

5.       Vanilla Sky (2001)

This is another classic movie with Tom Cruise at his very best. He plays David Aames, who stays lost in his own dreams. However, his dreams turn into nightmares after he has a car accident with his ex-lover. The plot may look simple, but the movie is certainly a dark, deep, and psychological drama about reality and dreams.

6.       Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

This erotic fantasy thriller shows that Stanley Kubrick, as a director, has never faltered. Eyes Wide Shut is a dizzying movie that delves into the human psychology and examines the aspects of jealousy, love, paranoia, trust, and sexual desire. That sickly creepiness that you usually find in Kubrick movies is still there, but it is more of an erotic drama than a horror flick.

7.       Enter the Void (2009)

The movie is about a heavy drug user, Oscar, who enjoys every minute of his life in Tokyo, but he experiences traumatic flashbacks from childhood that eventually gets him shot by the police. However, his soul floats around and observes life. You will love the way this movie takes you through life, death, and then life at a molecular level. That trip makes it one of the best mind blowing movies.

8.       The Machine (2013)

The story is about two computer programmers creating self-aware artificial intelligence and falling in love at the same time. Although they design it to help humanity, things go wrong when the Government takes over everything and turns the 'machine' into a robotic weapon. You will love this movie if you are into movies related to A.I technology and it will leave you with questions regarding the impact of artificial intelligence.

9.       Donnie Darko (2001)

Played by Jake Gyllenhall, the main character, Donnie Darko, suffers from delusions and sleep-walking episodes. He even finds himself turned into a large bunny named Frank that inspires Darko to commit different crimes. You will have so many questions regarding the movie that you would want to watch it another time, and that is what makes it truly special.

10.   Primer (2004)

The story is about two young engineers who tweak their current project and discover that it seems to have unexpected capabilities that can enable them to do anything their way. You will love this movie because it blows your mind completely and makes you think if it is really a good thing to have anything and everything in life.

11.   The Number 23 (2007)

The movie is about Walter, played by Jim Carrey, and the events taking place in his life and the way those circumstances lead to paranoia. Walter reads the novel and starts believing that there are similarities between him and the main character in the novel. He even feels that the number 23 is haunting him. This has to be on the list of mind blowing movies because it is full of obsession, paranoia, and redemption.

12.   Predestination (2014)

The movie is about a Temporal Agent going on a series of time-travel journeys to make such moves that would prevent future killers from doing the act. His final assignment turns different though. This is an interesting movie helping you learn a lot about the human self-identity – and of course, time travel is always a confusing element in such types of movies.

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